Are Heaven and Hell just myths or realities?

From the perspective of Islam, which is the most complete religion, resurrection is one of the fundamentals of religion and believing in it is one of the conditions of being a Muslim.
There are many ways to understand about the true essence of heaven and hell and the necessity of their existence. In order to have a better understanding of the Issue we will explain some of these ways:

First: Allah’s justice

Allah has created human beings with free will in order to have a choice in following the right wrong or path. We also believe that not everyone gets their reward or punishment entirely and the way they should in this world. Therefore if there was no world after this world for people to see the complete outcomes of their deeds, this would contradict Allah’s Justice. Needless to say that Allah does not do any act without using his wisdom. Since this world does not have the potential to pay the whole reward for good and whole punishment for bad, there should be a day that everyone will be rewarded or punished for their deeds entirely.

Second: Allah’s wisdom and mercy

The wisdom of Allah also calls for a life in the hereafter for all humans. Because Allah does not do any aimless actions, the reason behind the creation of human beings is for humans to reach their spiritual perfection through their free will and this is not reachable without the existence of another world.

Third: The Fetrah (Human nature) and its desire for an everlasting life

There is an indisputable desire in all humans to be everlasting and fulfilling this desire is only possible in a world other than the one we live in.
All discussion about resurrection ultimately comes down to there being a heaven and hell. Heaven is the center of all grace and spiritual and physical blessings, while Hell is the center of deprivation and hardship, the place where Satan and his followers will be punished in. According to Quranic verses and ahadith, heaven and hell are two certain realities and those who doubt in there existence (of course after hearing the appropriate reasoning that proves them) or think of them as mere myths will soon confront the truth about them (in the hereafter).
Not only heaven and hell are two shaking realities that will be seen in the hereafter, but moreover their existence even at this moment has been proven through logical reasoning and Islamic tradition.