Does Depression Have Any Herbal Medicine in Islam? (4)


From the Viewpoint of Medicine

Grape or grapevine (Angire), (Vitis vinifera L,V. Sylvester’s Gmel), is a fruit which has miraculous effect on mental health. Traditional physicians had considered different benefits for different parts of grapevine.

Grape purifies blood, relieves constipation and gastritis; and also treats whooping cough, anemia and gout. Generally, grape is useful to treat lung diseases. Leaf of grapevine is astringent, gastric tonic and diuretic. Sour grape juice also relives thirst and weakness. It also treats jaundice and obesity.

Grape juice revitalizes physical weaknesses, and facilitates blood circulation. Grape juice helps digestion of fermented substances of stomach, and is also beneficial for liver and kidneys; treats indigestion, hemorrhoids, gout, heart and biliary diseases; relives bloat, and also prevents incidence of tuberculosis and cancer. Grape is rich in vitamin A, B, and C, and can relieve the pains caused by fever.

 From the Viewpoint of Islamic Texts

Grape is one of the most delicious fruits that God has created. Hence, it has been repeated in Holy Quran in singular (Inab) and plural (Enab) forms eleven times.

Imam Sadigh (AS) says: “a Messenger of God complained to Him because of his grief. God recommended him to eat grape”. It has also been cited from this Holy Imam that: “grape strengthens the nerves, relives the fatigue, exhilarates man and eliminates grief and sorrow (depression), and also said: “eat grape to get rid of grief”.

The Holy Prophet (SAW) says: “raisin is a nice foodstuff which strengthens nerve”, he also states that: “eat raisin because it relaxes the temper, strengthens the nerve, relives the weakness, and makes man good-hearted”.

In this regard, the Messenger has said: “eat raisin, because it makes you good-tempered, purifies the soul, and relives grief and sorrow”. It has been cited from him that: “eat raisin, since it eliminates bile, quenches the mucus, strengthens the nerve, relives weakness and fatigue, makes you good -tempered, purifies the soul and relives sorrow (distress)”.

Imam Ali (AS) says: “raisin strengthens the heart, relives illness; breaks heat, and exhilarates the soul”.

In this regard, he states that: “anyone who daily takes 21 raisin grains early in the morning, God relives all his diseases and pains”.