Does Depression Have Any Herbal Medicine in Islam? (5)


From the Viewpoint of Medicine

Pear (Purus communis) is a kind of fruit which is antidepressant and contains: hydroquinone, glycosides, phlorizin, sugars, organic acids, minerals, vitamins, pectin, invertin, asparagine, and its seeds contain amygdaline. Previously, physicians believed that pear is laxative, thirst and bile lifter, blood pressure reducer, and bladder irritation reliever; and prescribed its leaf to prevent diarrhea, and also healing the wounds.

In addition to vitamins and the mentioned minerals, pear contains sugars, acids, invertin, sparine, and different kinds of pentoses. Pear is rich in sugars, pectin, tannin and high amounts of minerals such as potassium, phosphorus, sodium and magnesium. Potash with tannin collects uric acid, and relives joint pains. Phosphorus provides psychological balance. Sodium facilitates the absorption of nutrients, and magnesium repairs fibrous tissue of nervous system.

Pear leaf contains glycosides, hydroquinone and phlorizin, hence it is relaxing, diuretic and also useful to treat diarrhea, hypertension, insomnia, neurological disorders, migraine, renal and bladder disorders.

Pear has specific aroma and essence which is analeptic. Pear relaxes the nervous people, regulates the function of endocrine glands, and purifies blood, strengthens kidney function, stimulates sluggish bowels, and also relives sore throat, general weakness, anemia and tuberculosis.

Pear is joyous and antidepressant and cleans the stomach, strengthens the heart, and relives the internal disorders; it is also an eye booster, and beneficial to treat diseases which reduce body power such as anemia and general weaknesses.

From the Viewpoint of Islamic Texts

Imam Ali (AS) says: “eating pear brightens the heart and, according to Lord order, relives the mental problems”.

Imam Sadigh (AS) says: “eat pear which brightens the heart and relives the mental problems according to the order of Lord”. He also states that: “pear cleans the stomach and strengthens it, and it is similar to “quince”. Eating pear after meal is better than before breakfast.

Imam Sadigh (AS) recommends that: “anyone who has grief in his heart should eat the pear after meal”. It has been cited from him that: “anyone who feels pain in his heart should eat pear”; this Holy Imam also says: “pear cleans and strengthens the stomach, and has the same properties of “quince”. It is better to eat pear after meal rather than before it. Anyone who feels heavy should eat the pear after meal”.