Does Depression Have Any Herbal Medicine in Islam? (8)

frankincense Frankincense

From the Viewpoint of Medicine

Frankincense (Boswellia papyrifera (Del.) Hochst) is a plant which has healing effects on anxiety. Frankincense is an aromatic substance which is derived from Indian frankincense tree. To use pleasant flavor of frankincense, it is usually put in fire.

Frankincense can be also derived from other trees such as pine and fir, but Indian frankincense which is red has the highest quality. Other kinds of frankincense are white.

In Arabic, frankincense is called “labaan”, “leibanon”, and “shajara Al-labaan” refers to the frankincense tree. Old physicians believed that the frankincense can strengthen the memory, and has anti-inflammatory effects.

According to the conducted studies, the reliving effect of frankincense on anxiety has been proved among rats and human; for example, Moussaieff et al. reported the anti-anxiety effect of frankincense among rats, in vitro; in another study, Burns et al. evaluated the effect of aromatherapy with frankincense among pregnant women during delivery. Results of the mentioned study showed that using frankincense causes reducing the pain and anxiety among pregnant women during delivery.

 From the Viewpoint of Islamic Texts

It has been cited from Imam Ali (AS) that: “the Holy Prophet (SAW) said: tooth brushing, fasting, reading Quran, eating honey and the fir (frankincense), eliminates forgetfulness, strengthens the memory and also relives mucus”.

The mentioned hints are a drop of vast ocean of Quranic and Islamic narrations which have been achieved. But, regarding what is the relation between herbal medicine, treating depression, and Islamic lifestyle, it is noteworthy that, the Islamic lifestyle comes true when man, family, and the society, in the position of Islamic utopia, feel relaxed.

Therefore, the main factor of Islamic lifestyle principles should be recognized. The present text was conducted to “evaluate the effect of herbal medicine on depression” which is one of the main factors of Islamic lifestyle.