Twelve points you should know about Marriage

marryThere are a lot of excellence gained by, and recommendations for marriage in Hadiths as following:

  • Marriage is the greatest divine gift and blessing after being a muslim;
  • It is the tradition of the Prophet (s);
  • It is more recommended in youth;
  • Marriage is the most beautiful construction for Allah;
  • The prayer of a married person is seventy times more valuable than the prayer of a single person;
  • Marriage is the cause of increase in Rizq;
  • Serving the spouse has many rewards and brings about God’s forgiveness for sins;
  • The deeper affection for the spouse, the higher degree of faith;
  • It is recommended that husband tries to show his love to his wife through nice words;
  • If the husband is wealthy, he must not be thrifty or stingy towards his family;
  • Spending time with family is valuable and Allah would reward for it;
  • The ‘azabs (English: singles) are the worst of the umma.

From Marriage to Parenthood – eBook


The information in this manual is based on the authentic and original sources of the teachings of the Prophet and his Ahlul Bayt . Wherever possible, traditions from these Noble persons have been included to highlight the strong Islamic basis behind the recommendations made, as well as to encourage the reader to become familiar with the words of our leaders in Islam. In addition the inclusion of these traditions highlights the importance Islam places on every single aspect of our lives, never leaving us without guidance at any stage.[divider]

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Seven things Which Strengthen The Marriage

Strengthen The Marriage

1) Good Attitude – A Muslim must always have a positive attitude toward life. We say, “Al Hamdulillah” (Praise be to Allah) for whatever He gives us (or doesn’t give us).

2) Worship – connection with Allah through ritual of prayer, petition and peace while moving together in the salat is something a non-Muslim can never really appreciate. Our prophet, peace be upon him, used to lead his wife in salat, even though he lived connected to the mosque. He told us not to make our homes like grave yards. We should offer some of our sunnah prayers at home. A sister gains the most rewards at home, in her room, behind a screen

3) Trust – Muslims, men and women are ordered to be trustworthy and follow the example of our prophet, peace be upon him, as the “Trustworthy”.

4) Respect – You get respect, when you give respect. This is mandatory for all Muslims toward all people, how much more toward the spouse?

5) Good Attitude – A Muslim must always have a positive attitude toward life. We say, “Al Hamdulillah” (Praise be to Allah) for whatever He gives us (or doesn’t give us)

6) Forgiveness – Clearly, this is one of the most important aspects of Islam. Whoever does not forgive – will not be forgiven. This comes from Allah, Himself. We must learn to forgive each other’s mistakes so we won’t it against us.

7) Time – Spend time, alone – together. Go for walks. Take a bus ride. Visit a friend or someone who is ill (you get big rewards for that). Fast together on Mondays & Thursdays if you can. Make hajj – this is a great way to get a “new start” on life. Trust me.