Twelve points you should know about Marriage

marryThere are a lot of excellence gained by, and recommendations for marriage in Hadiths as following:

  • Marriage is the greatest divine gift and blessing after being a muslim;
  • It is the tradition of the Prophet (s);
  • It is more recommended in youth;
  • Marriage is the most beautiful construction for Allah;
  • The prayer of a married person is seventy times more valuable than the prayer of a single person;
  • Marriage is the cause of increase in Rizq;
  • Serving the spouse has many rewards and brings about God’s forgiveness for sins;
  • The deeper affection for the spouse, the higher degree of faith;
  • It is recommended that husband tries to show his love to his wife through nice words;
  • If the husband is wealthy, he must not be thrifty or stingy towards his family;
  • Spending time with family is valuable and Allah would reward for it;
  • The ‘azabs (English: singles) are the worst of the umma.

Twelve significant points that you should know about intercession/1

Shafa’a [intercession]  is a religious act, all Muslims and followers of divine religions believe in. Shafa’a means that on the Day of Judgment, friends of God and some holy entities such as the Qur’an, with some conditions, intercede for some wrong-doers and rescue them from hellfire or cause the promotion of some people. Among Muslims, Wahhabis believe that only God can be asked for Shafa’a and if someone asks others for Shafa’a (especially after their demise), he is a polytheist. Belief in Shafa’a has a special position among Shi’a.