The Recommended Fruits in Islam (Quince)

The effects of eating Behi (quince), as stated by Hazrat Ali (a.s.), are the following:

  1. a)      Strengthens weak heart
  2. b)      Causes increase in weight
  3. c)      Cleans the stomach
  4. d)      Increases reason
  5. e)      Makes a man courageous

According to Imam Ja’far-e-Sadiq (a.s.), eating Behi (quince) improves complexion and causes beautiful children.

Another tradition states that whosoever will have a seed of Behi first thing in the morning, God will bless his tongue with wisdom for a period of forty days. No Prophet has passed whose body had not smelt of behi (quince). He also said that behi (quince) seed makes sorrow depart from the sad people in the same way as one’s hand cleans one’s sweat.