Twelve points you should know about Marriage

marryThere are a lot of excellence gained by, and recommendations for marriage in Hadiths as following:

  • Marriage is the greatest divine gift and blessing after being a muslim;
  • It is the tradition of the Prophet (s);
  • It is more recommended in youth;
  • Marriage is the most beautiful construction for Allah;
  • The prayer of a married person is seventy times more valuable than the prayer of a single person;
  • Marriage is the cause of increase in Rizq;
  • Serving the spouse has many rewards and brings about God’s forgiveness for sins;
  • The deeper affection for the spouse, the higher degree of faith;
  • It is recommended that husband tries to show his love to his wife through nice words;
  • If the husband is wealthy, he must not be thrifty or stingy towards his family;
  • Spending time with family is valuable and Allah would reward for it;
  • The ‘azabs (English: singles) are the worst of the umma.