The Top Six Healthy Nutritional Habits in Islam(1)

The-Top-Six-Healthy-Nutritional-Habits-in-IslamThe religion of Islam has one of the most comprehensive eating and dietary habits and one even wonders as to why all the strict rulings. This is true because the stomach is one of those bodily organs that is largely unstable in electrical terms and when there is over-eating or there is junk food ingested, this over-stresses the stomach and the organs concerned with digestion become chemically and electrically at fault. The resulting faults in the surrounding energy would not only cause alimentary and digestive disorders, but also mental disorders. Such a person would have weak and low charge energy surrounding him making him more vulnerable to unsteady fields of energy.

Islam Prohibits Over-Eating and Prescribes Good Dietary Habits
There is substantial evidence to link over-eating to numerous diseases. Islam’s prescription comes to us from a tradition by Ali (AS), who said:

Do not sit for food unless you are hungry; and do not leave the table but you still have an appetite for it, and chew your food in your mouth well. (Biharul-Anwar – Volume 24, Page 245. al-Majlisi, 1627 (AR)

(Truly) Over-indulgence of food causes various kinds of diseases. (Ghurarul-Hikam – Page 359)

For instance, the Prophet (S) only drank water half-hour before and after his meals, and never during meals. It is also reported in authentic traditions that he never combined certain foods and kept his intake to a minimum. He did not eat fish and yogurt together, or drink milk with fish, and he did not eat anything sour with it or immediately after it. He never mixed in the same meal two hot foods or two cold foods.

Now, we may understand the introduction of low charge energy to that person’s force fields after ingesting several foods (with different chemistry, different base, different taste, and different info-energy) at once or drinking water during meals. All this creates faults within the energy system and diseases originate from here. Of course, proponents of the human energy theory firmly believe that before any chemical imbalances can take place, and before symptoms occur, the faults in the energy appear first, and this can be felt. Mixing foods with different chemistry and morphology would contain within them different info-energy as well.