Debate of Abu Abd Allah (al- Sadiq) with an Arab unbeliever

debate part [dropcap]A[/dropcap]bu Shakir al- Daysany, an Arab unbeliever, sometimes debated with al-Sadiq, peace be on him, and sometimes with Hisham b. al- Hakam. However, Hisham went to al- Sadiq, peace be on him, when al- Daysany asked him a certain question. One day, al- Daysany said to Hisham: “There is a verse in the Koran, which is our saying, (that there are two gods).”

Hisham said: “What is it (the verse)?” Al- Daysany answered: “And it is He Who in heaven is God and in earth is God.”(43:84) Hisham said: “I did not know how to answer him. So, I went to perform the hajj and I told Abu Abd Allah, peace be on him, about the question.” Al- Sadiq said: “These are the words of an unbeliever.

When you come back, ask him: What is your name in Kufa? Surely, he will say by such and such name. Then ask him: ‘What is your name in Basrah?’ Surely he will reply by such and such name. Then you tell him: ‘Such is our Lord, Allah, Who in heavens is God, in earth is God, in seas is God, and in deserts is God. Thus, He is God at every place.'” Hisham said: “I came back to Kufa and went to Abu Shakir and gave him the reply.” So, he said: “These words have been brought from Hijaz.”(Al- Kafi, Chapter on Movement and Mobility)