Do Dreams Have Any Truth?

dreamsQuestion: Sometime dream scrolls are prohibited by the caretakers of the Prophet’s shrine. These scrolls prohibit people to commit sinful acts and in addition to this it also informs about the progeny of the Prophet (s.a.) that the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (a.s.) is going to be within a year. Is there any truth about such publications?

Answer: Unfortunately the above evil act is being done by the enemies of Islam since many years. Every year the caretakers of the Prophet’s shrine see a new dream while they do not have any personal merit. They issue a new date for the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (a.s.). When the dream is proved wrong they see another dream.

Apparently these falsifiers of dreams, on the basis of their defective beliefs intend to create doubts in the reappearance of Imam az-Zaman (a.s.) so that simple-minded people are influenced by this propaganda. But they are ignorant of the fact that Muslims (however simple minded people they may be) never pay attention to these concocted things. In any case even if someone really has such dreams, it is certainly not reliable from the religious point of view.

Philosophy of Islamic Laws:Ayatullah Naser Makarem Shirazi, Ayatullah Jafar Subhani