One of the aspects of God’s unity is unity of divine attributes. What does it mean?

Doubtlessly, the Exalted God has some attributes with which His perfect essence is described. For example, it is said that He is knowledgeable, powerful and alive. A human being also has these attributes. He is also knowledgeable, powerful and alive. But there are two main differences between God’s attributes and those of humanbeings:

1. Although these attributes, i.e. life, knowledge and power are different concepts, concerning the Exalted God they are one in the respect of reality, nature, i.e. the reality of knowledge is not separate from the reality of power and these two ones’ realities are not separate from life’s reality. God’s essence is totally knowledge, power and life. But regarding a human being, these attributes are different from each other. The reality of knowledge is different from the reality of power and these two ones’ realities are different from the reality of being alive. Therefore, God’s attributes are one and there is not any separation between them in the respect of reality.

2. As the realities of God’s attributes are one, His attributes and His essence are one, too. God’s attributes are just His essence and are not added to it and not separate from it. But a human being should acquire these attributes. At first, he is a human, not a learned and powerful man but then he acquires knowledge and power. (1)

1. Features of the beliefs of Shiah, p.55.