The Awaited Saviour – eBook


The return of the 12th Imam, Imam Mahdi (a), answering objections about him, and his revolution.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”420px” ]Name: The Awaited Saviour
AuthorsAyatullah Sayyid Muhammad Baqir As-Sadr
 Ayatullah Murtadha Mutahhari[/box]

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Islamic Business Ethics – eBook


This treatise aims to help Muslim business people and professionals understand the Islamic perspective on life, this world, pursuit of material goods, and their responsibility towards society in general.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”320px” ]Name: Islamic Business Ethics
Author: Sayyid Muhammad Rizvi[/box]

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Freedom and Causality in Contemporary Islamic and Western Philosophy – eBook


This text authored by Mohsen Mohammadi Araghi which addresses the topics of freewill and causality in contemporary Islamic and western philosophy and the theory of moral obligation.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”500px” ]Name: Freedom and Causality in Contemporary Islamic & Western Philosophy
Author: Ayatollah Doctor Mohsen Mohammadi Araghi[/box]

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Ultimate Questions in Philosophy of Religion – eBook


Shaykh Mansour Leghaei, in this book delves into the philosophy behind several intrinsic faith matters such as belief in God, free-will or predeterminism, the question of evil and much more.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”400px” ]Name: Ultimate Questions in Philosophy of Religion
Author: Shaykh Mansour Leghaei[/box]

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Philosophy of Islam – eBook


Fundamental Islamic topics such as principles of religion, man, Iman (faith), definitive knowledge, monothesim of the Qur’an, name and attributes of God, guides of humanity, evolution, history, self-making, family, economy and social system.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”400px” ]Name: Philosophy of Islam
Author: Sayyid Muhammad Husayni Beheshti
Muhammad Jawad Bahonar[/box]

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Light within Me – eBook


Introduction to Irfan, stages of the spiritual journey, guidance and perfection, Interpretation of Sura al-Hamd, and the Invocation of Sha’baniyah.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”460px” ]Name: Light within Me
Author: Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai
Ayatullah Sayyid Ruhallah Musawi Khomeini[/box]

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Imamate And Infallibility of Imams In The Qur’an – eBook


This text presents an eye opening read on one of the most important yet controversial topics within Islam, that being the important subject of Imamate and infallibility of the Imams (as). This beautifully written book is compiled of solid, logical and reasonable proofs pertaining to the holy Quran and authentic hadith from both within Shia and Sunni sources that would leave the mind of any man of reason without doubt and leave his heart at ease. This is a must read for all truth seekers or skeptics alike who wish to know the truth and shed light on this very crucial topic within Islam.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”460px” ]Name: Imamate And Infallibility of Imams In The Qur’an
Author: Ridha Kardan
Translated By: Sayyid Iraj Razzaqi[/box]

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Lessons From Qur’an – eBook


Compilation of series of lectures on monotheism, justice, social justice, Prophethood, Imamate, and the day of resurrection.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”290px” ]Name: Lessons From Qur’an
Author: Muhsin Qara’ati
Translated by: S.M.S. Hyder[/box]

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Shared Religious Foundations of Education: Islam & Christianity – eBook


This book explores the religious foundations of educational system found in Islam & Christianity and the relation between each other.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”540px” ]Name: Shared Religious Foundations of Education: Islam & Christianity
Author: Hamid Reza Alavi[/box]

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The Qur’an in Islam – eBook


Value of Qur’an among Muslims, order of revelation and growth of Qur’anic sciences as well as teachings of the Qur’an including the Angels, Man, and the Qur’an itself.[divider]

[box type=”note” align=”aligncenter” width=”460px” ]Name: The Qur’an in Islam
Author:  Allamah Sayyid Muhammad Husayn Tabatabai[/box]

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