Does Depression Have Any Herbal Medicine in Islam? (6)



 From the Viewpoint of Medicine

Squash (Cucurbita pepo L.) is antidepressant. Physicians believe that squash is useful to cool the temper; and also strengthens and refreshes the soul. It opens the closed sweat pores, relaxes the inflamed stomach, treats jaundice, and also cures hot tempered fever. People who suffer from insomnia will have good sleeping with eating squash. Squash revitalizes the mental and physical power of a person who has passed the first half of his life, and gives his cells a new life.

From the Viewpoint of Islamic Texts

Imam Sadigh (AS) states that: “squash increases intellectual power and the vitality of brain cells. It can also be useful, to relive colic”.

Holy Prophet (SAW) says: “if you wanted to cook something, use plenty amount of squash, because it exhilarates joyless heart”.

Holy Prophet (SAW) willed Ali (AS) that: “O Ali! Eat squash since it improves your intelligence and intuition”.

Also He told Ali (AS) that: “eat squash, because it causes good temper and brightens the face. It is the food for me and for the previous messengers”.